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Minnesota Seaplane Safety Seminar – Day 2

May 2, 2009

The weather is “severe clear” this morning, and several more seaplanes have arrived.  Over 160 Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Association members have registered for a day of safety seminars, visits to the exhibit hall, flying and great camaraderie. 

 I had the privilege of addressing the opening general session of the day, sharing SPA’s mission, resources, and an advocacy update.  One of my most important missions as executive director is to connect with our members and let them know how key their support is to the success of SPA.

Mary Alverson, MSPA Vice President

Mary Alverson, MSPA Vice President


MSPA Safety Seminar

MSPA Safety Seminar


MSPA Seminar attendees

MSPA Seminar attendees

Other seminars ongoing today include seaplane maintenance, float baffles, seaplane accidents, and border crossing issues.

A special treat appeared on the horizon at 5 p.m. as a pair of water bombers appeared and demonstrated water drops as done to 



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