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To Our Water Flying Team . . .

June 11, 2009

WLD_Cover_2008_09Throughout 2009 production of the 2010/2011 Water Landing Directory is well under way.  SPA field directors from throughout the country have been scouring their territories looking for changes in water bodies, regulations, politics, and the many other facets of local intelligence that make this document such a rich source for seaplane flight planning.  Owners and operators of seaplane facilities are being contacted to update the many changes to their operations.  New facilities have been added and closed ones accurately marked.  Hundreds of changes for the 2010 directory have already been documented.

 Pilots, public officials, businesses, and nearly every flight school in the nation depend on the quality of information in this one-of-a-kind publication.  As SPA members, you are a key part of the research team making the Water Landing Directory an industry hallmark.  Whether you’re a pilot, crew member, or lucky water flying passenger, you are in unique positions to experience our country’s thousands of waterways and facilities first-hand.  This first-person experience is unduplicated by any other resource and SPA is proud of your contributions to the water flying community.

Van DeusenPlease take a moment to reflect on the waterways you have visited during the past months.  Think about your favorite splash-in sites or memorable waypoints along your journeys.  Are the conditions and regulations of these locales accurately reflected in the ‘08/09 edition of the Water Landing Directory?  Have you uneventfully visited lakes that are listed as “Closed” to seaplanes?  Vice versa?   What changes in your flight areas have occurred since the previous publication?   Are all the water bodies you fly and land in listed in the Directory?  Do you have helpful comments, suggestions, or recommendations about water flying areas you frequent that we could include in the next edition of the Directory?  

Josh Svenningsen063a The directory is of course available to you free online in the Members Section.  Please write us an email of your observations, changes, or errors at  We of course will verify all recommended changes before publication, so you don’t need to be concerned about providing undocumented data.  But your research and observations gives SPA sound footing to begin our documentation process for each waterway throughout the U.S. 

Also please continue to alert SPA when you become aware of potential seaplane advocacy issues – especially where there may be opportunities to practice proactive advocacy and prevent potential future access problems. 

 Thank you for your support.

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