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AirVenture SPB Transportation Location Change

July 22, 2009

EAA officials have changed the transportation arrangements from the air field to the seaplane base.  This year the bus will run between the SPB and the Bus Park Tower, near the front gate of AirVenture (rather than Amphib Parking area as in previous years).  However, for those flying in and parking at the Amphib Parking on the field and camping at the SPB, a van can be arranged for transportation to the base.  To arrange the van for pickup from the Amphibs Parking area at the field and transportation to the SPB call 920-230-7829 during the show, or to make prior arrangements before AirVenture call 715-457-2087.

Corn Roast Transportation – Transportation from the Corn Roast to the Seaplane Base will leave the Corn Roast between 8:30 – 9pm (one trip only) Thursday evening.   Bus transportation will not be available directly to the Corn Roast from the SPB.  Only regular bus runs to the Bus Park Tower will be offered in later afternoon.

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