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Lake Tahoe Airshow

July 12, 2010

Lake Tahoe Airshow – August 28

We are once more soliciting seaplanes to attend the annual “Lake in the Sky” Airshow.  Because we have had a good turnout in recent years, the local community has begun to see seaplanes as a normal part of the Lake Tahoe environment.  Some part of that attitude, along with the hundreds of signatures we gathered at last year’s show supporting continued seaplane access to Lake Tahoe, had a part in our recent victory over attempts to ban seaplanes from Lake Tahoe.

If you fly a seaplane and want to support our efforts to keep Lake Tahoe open to seaplanes, please consider attending the airshow, even if airshows aren’t your thing.  We will have a dedicated space for seaplanes and an information booth to educate the public about seaplanes on Lake Tahoe.

If you can bring a seaplane, please let us know by return email; we would love to see you there!

Chuck Kimes
(c) 775-781-1434
(f) 775-546-6029

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