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It’s Back! The SPA Forum!

July 19, 2010

We’re all excited to introduce the new SPA Forum, thanks to the efforts of forum guru, Steve Johnson.   The new forum will be moderated by Steve’s very capable wife, Laura Johnson.  Laura has extensive experience with SuperCub.Org, ShortWingPiper.Org, and other aviation sites and we warmly welcome her aboard our team.

Please jump in and become part of this great new online seaplane community experience. I hope you find it a user-friendly, information-rich domain that you visit often.   As always, when you have a need to communicate directly with SPA staff, email or phone contact is the most expedient ( or toll free, 888-772-8932).

Welcome to the New SPA Forum,

Jim McManus, Executive Director

A note from Steve and Laura Johnson –

Laura and I are sincerely honored to have been asked by the SPA to help overhaul and rekindle the SPA forums and web presence.  We have been working for about a month behind the scenes and we believe we are ready for the first flight of the new forum system – which means we need some test pilots!

We have a fair bit of experience with on-line communities, and what that experience tells us is that no matter how much planning, checking, testing, etc, you did yourself, you almost certainly missed a lot of little “things”.  The best – or at least the fastest – way to find all of these little things is to get the member community involved in using the system, and cleaning up a little as we move along.

So our first request of you?  Please be patient.  We know you have likely exercised abundant patience and some frustration with the SPA forums in the past.  We would ask you to not only give this new forum system and us a chance, but to be an active part of what will likely become a large part of the future of the SPA – an on-line community of pilots and enthusiasts sharing information and working together to keep water flying and the places we do it alive.

Here is how it works:  Visit and click the “Forum” tab on the far right.  This will allow you to register a username and set yourself up a password.  Once you have done so, we will add you to the SPA Member group giving you the ability to post and all of the other options.   Eventually, the username you choose will be your login credentials for all of the SPA web options, such as the Water Flying directory, etc.

Oh, and in case you don’t have your license handy – in an attempt to thwart spam registrations you will be asked what the 3 letter code is for the “Single Engine Seaplane” rating.  It is, of course, “SES”.

When you are registering for the forums, you will see a place for your
Seaplane Pilots Association Membership number.  This is not required, but it will help us match your registration with your forum login – especially if you have changed email addresses.  This information is viewable only to you and the administrators, it will not be seen by others.

Finally, keep this email address handy:   If all else
fails and before you pull your hair out, don’t hesitate to contact us

Let’s get started building a community we can all be proud to be a part of.

Thank you!

Steve & Laura Johnson

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