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Update: Lake Tahoe Access Restrictions

August 4, 2010

Through successful negotiations recently concluded with the Lake Tahoe Seaplane Pilots, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) board has agreed to allow seaplanes to continue to enjoy their historic access to Lake Tahoe.  In turn, the Lake Tahoe Seaplane Pilots agreed to promote best practices noise abatement procedures for seaplanes visiting Lake Tahoe.

The following update is being published in the Water Landing Directory.  Please observe these guidelines, and pass this notice on to other seaplane pilots who may be using Lake Tahoe:

Change “OPEN, no known restrictions” to “RESTRICTED, open with some restrictions”.

No takeoffs, landings, or step taxiing within 600 feet of the shoreline or in Emerald Bay.  Speed limit within 600 feet of shore is 5 mph.  Speed limit in all of Emerald Bay is 7 mph.

75dB noise limit (as heard from shore) applies to all watercraft, including seaplane water operations.

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