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2010 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

November 22, 2010



NOVEMBER 17, 2010


Walter Windus, Chairman of the Board                 Timothy Whalen, Member
J.J. Frey, President of Board                                     Lou Amato, Member
Randy Juen, Vice President of Board                     Ken Brice, Member
Phil Lockwood, Director of Board                           Ed McNeil, Member
James McManus, Executive Director                    Eric Weaver, Member

Walter Windus called the meeting to order at 2:03 p.m.

SPA Bylaws require 625 members, including proxies, to make a quorum.  Windus presented 1120 official proxy ballots to attendees.  The 2010 Membership Meeting attendance exceeded the quorum.

Windus presented documentation of the official notice of the meeting, published in the September/October 2010 issue of Water Flying magazine.

Windus presented the minutes of the 2009 Annual Membership Meeting that was held in Lakeland, FL on November 4, 2009.  J.J. Frey moved to dispense with the reading of, and approve the 2009 minutes.  The motion was seconded by Randy Juen and passed unanimously.

Financial Report – presented by James McManus.  SPA is operating in the black at the conclusion of Third Quarter.  Unbudgeted costs for website revision (estimated at around $10,000) are expected in Fourth Quarter.

Chairman’s Report – presented by Walter Windus.  The three top 2011 SPA priorities are Membership (which directly impacts advocacy effectiveness), Advocacy (with a goal of maintaining seaplane access levels which support coast-to-coast straight float travel), and Water Flying magazine (the chairman expressed that the magazine was SPA’s greatest asset).

Board of Director Election Lou Amato moved to elect the current slate of SPA Board of Directors.  The motion was seconded by J.J. Frey and passed unanimously.  The 2011 SPA Board was duly elected by unanimous vote of members present and the 1120 proxy votes.

Jon Eriksson                             Phil Lockwood
J.J. Frey                                     Lyle Panepinto
Ronald Golden                         Gordon Richardson
Bruce Hinds                               Walter Windus
Randy Juen

New Business

Seaplane Pilots Foundation Ed McNeil, Chairman of the Foundation, expressed his belief that the Foundation could raise around $1 million fairly quickly, assuming a well-defined purpose and credible program.  Beyond the initial contributions, long-term potential for bequests and estate planning are viable.  Currently the Foundation has $220,000 in cash invested at Goldman Sachs, earning more than 10% in a bond with a face yield of 14%.  Another $200,000 in pledges has been made to the Foundation.   For the 2010 fiscal year, the Foundation contributed $7500 to the SPA budget.

Donors have been most interested in advocacy issues, most specifically related to invasive species.  Prospective donors must have confidence that the organization is operated professionally with well-defined purposes and rational priorities.

Shrinking Seaplane Population – Randy Juen noted the national decline in general aviation and the seaplane pilot community due to aging, high costs, increased regulations, and other factors.  He suggested ways SPA members could help inspire prospective pilots by offering seaplane rides to non-seaplane pilots and prospective SPA partnerships with manufacturers, other aviation associations, and scouting groups.

Water Flying Magazine – Phil Lockwood recommended SPA consider publishing an online version of Water Flying magazine to supplement the existing publication (not as a replacement).  An electronic version of the magazine may add potential ad revenue to the magazine and would help reach out to foreign markets by providing an alternative to the high cost of overseas mailing.   An electronic version could readily be translated into multiple languages thereby increasing our readership and advertising markets.

SPA Associate Membership for Non-Pilots – Eric Weaver suggested SPA examine other levels of memberships to inspire non-pilots or non-seaplane rated GA pilots.  For example, a lower cost membership could feature the proposed electronic version of the magazine and other less expensive benefits.

SPA Written Procedures – Walter Windus noted that SPA’s written policies and procedures have not matured with the growth the association.   He has appointed a committee to make recommendations to the board for new written procedures and guidelines.

City of Tavares – Ed McNeil recommended more SPA support for the city of Tavares.  The city has spent over $8 million on seaplane facilities and has formally dubbed itself, “America’s Seaplane City”.  Jim McManus and Eric Weaver reported that seaplane splash-in events are planned for the spring and fall of 2011.

Meeting Adjourned – As there was no further business brought before the floor, a motion was made by J. J. Frey to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Phil Lockwood and passed unanimously at 3:00 p.m.

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