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SPA Advocacy – Sometimes Behind the Scenes

January 13, 2011

SPA sometimes receives concerns that we did not engage in one advocacy issue or another or that we didn’t approach an advocacy problem in the manner that they thought was most appropriate.  Some of these concerns over the years could have merit and if you should reach this conclusion regarding a seaplane issue, we hope you will call SPA directly and share your concerns.

Field Director Randy Strebig presenting to decision-makers in Columbia City, IN, 2010

As you know, our association has Field Directors in every part of the country and in Canada.  Most of these volunteers do an excellent job of direct engagement in regional issues, whether it be in attending public hearings, speaking with key players in advocacy issues, or rallying local response to an issue.  Wise stewardship of membership funds as well as the increased situational awareness of these local active pilots yields a powerful advocacy presence for SPA.  Field directors keep SPA headquarters informed of ongoing seaplane developments and request additional resources and assistance as needed.

Not all SPA advocacy interactions can be reported.  Sometimes negotiations or agreements could be compromised by public discussions of the issue.  Remember that SPA’s prime mission is keeping our waterways open – advocacy.   We are not fundamentally a news organization.  In circumstances where reporting the advocacy may jeopardize advocacy outcomes, the advocacy agenda will trump the Water Flying story.

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